The Impact of Using AI in the Construction Industry

The Impact of Using AI in the Construction Industry Sep, 9 2023

Engaging with Artificial Intelligence: A New Era for the Construction Industry

Imagine you're building a house. The architect has drawn the plans, the workmen are ready with their tools, Stewart (my husband and quite the handyman himself) has put on his hard hat, but before you can begin, a nondescript robot swoops in and starts laying bricks like lightning. No teatime breaks, no complaints about the weather, just a quick, efficient job and then it's off to the next project. What seemed like a scene from a sci-fi movie is, in reality, an everyday occurrence in today's construction industry thanks to the wonders of Artificial Intelligence.

Me, Machines and Construction: A Love Triangle

If you had told me five years ago that I would be waxing lyrical about machines and construction, I would have laughed in disbelief. All I knew about construction was that it involved a lot of heavy lifting and noisy equipment; all I knew about AI was that it was something tech gurus used to predict shopping trends. But ever since The Day of the Nailing Accident - a humorous story for another day - when Stewart ended up in the hospital with a construction misadventure, I have been looking for safer ways to construct.

How AI Is Transforming the Construction Industry

We stand at an interesting intersection of human and artificial intelligence in construction. Today, AI is transforming the way we build, making construction faster, safer, and more efficient. It plays a crucial role in planning, designing and executing construction projects. The benefits of using AI in construction are enormous; not only do they reduce human error and accidents, but AI can also forecast potential construction conflicts and find resolutions even before the conflict arises.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: The New Supervisors on Site

Chatbots and virtual assistants are becoming ubiquitous on construction sites, giving new meaning to 'communication is key'. From answering customer inquiries to scheduling work and ordering supplies, they're like the Jill-of-all-trades in the construction industry. They can work 24/7 without a break, eliminating the need for human intervention in repetitive and mundane tasks.

A Peek Into the Future: Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

In the blink of an artificial eye, robots have made their presence felt in the construction industry. From bricklaying robots that can construct a house in two days to drones used for site inspections and surveying, robots are redefining efficiency and safety standards in construction. Autonomous vehicles are another tool being increasingly used, perfect for moving heavy cargo or for hazardous tasks, like demolition.

A New Age of Design: Software and Algorithms

Remember the limitless imagination you had when you built your first LEGO tower? AI has brought that level of fearless creativity to the architectural world. Advanced algorithms capable of running millions of potential floor plans are helping architects create more innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable constructions. This AI-augmented design process is unlocking potentials we couldn't have imagined a couple of decades ago.

The Potential Challenges: Unemployment and Lack of Skills

As with every shiny new techno-toy, there is a flip side to AI. Its increasing use could lead to job displacement and a widening of the skills gap as AI takes over more tasks previously done by humans. But there is also a counter-argument. People are needed to build, manage and repair the AI systems, creating a new set of jobs. I personally like to see it as an opportunity for us to learn new skills and adapt.

The Verdict: AI - a Tool, not a Replacement

As someone who has seen the hazards of the traditional construction process up close and personal, I vouch for the liberating potential of AI in construction. But while we usher in this new age, let's remember that AI is just a tool and not a replacement for human input. It's not about humans versus robots, but about humans and robots working together to build a safe and efficient future. And let's be honest, the cyborg construction workers look just too cool to pass up!

Look, no one loves the smell of fresh wood and the hum of a power drill more than my dear Stewart, but even he has joined me in admiring how artificial intelligence has given the construction industry a boost. I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Fantastic, isn't it? Well, it's time to bid adieu. Stewart calls – there's a rogue robot lawnmower on the loose. Highly automated future? We've still got a long way to go.