Revolutionize Your Coding Skills by Programming Faster

Revolutionize Your Coding Skills by Programming Faster Aug, 8 2023

Discover Your Inner Swift Coder

Has it ever dawned on you that coding really doesn't have to be a chore? Take it from me, Clara, a coder, writer, and lover of all things digital - you can absolutely transform your relationship with coding by learning to code faster. It's the equivalent of having a secret superpower!

Okay, quick back-story for you. I remember when I first started coding, it felt like I was staring at a never-ending wall of Tetris blocks. Although it was not as fun, it was pretty much as challenging. Needless to say, it was no walk in the park for me. And just when I thought I had the ropes figured out? Enter a new language or technique to learn! Having to constantly reorient myself to different coding styles was overwhelming - but not anymore.

It dawned on me that the deal wasn't necessarily in learning everything, but in learning to code effectively and efficiently. That realization drastically changed my coding journey and opened up a lot more time for me to explore other aspects of tech. This is why I'm bringing all these wonderful tips your way, to help you learn to code faster, better, and become a more efficient programmer!

Harnessing the Power of Keyboard Shortcuts

Step aside, mouse! In the kingdom of fast programming, the keyboard reigns supreme. I know this might sound rather banal but bear with me. Employing keyboard shortcuts can do such wonders for your coding speed that you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Now, the trick is that these aren't just any shortcuts we're talking about. Coding shortcuts can be as diverse as the coding languages themselves. These include commands that allow you to rename variables, move lines or blocks, duplicate codes, and more! And the perfect part? You don't even need to be a speed typist to do this.

Let's mix an interesting fact in there to underscore the importance of keyboard shortcuts: according to a study by Brainscape, you can save at least 8 days per year just by employing keyboard shortcuts. Yes, 8 days! Now, think of all you could do with all that extra time to spare!

Making Development Tools Your Best Friends

There's only so much our brains can take in, retain, and efficiently use when coding. As a quick, handy solution, countless genius minds have brought forth powerful development tools to ease the strain and improve productivity, so by all means, use them!

The beauty of these tools lies in their potential to automate your coding tasks for you. From editing tasks to more complex procedures like code based automation – you are sure to find a tool designed specially to help you with those!

For instance, I fondly remember when I first came across a little buddy called 'Sublime Text'. It was during one of those late nights when I was wading through a sea of code, almost having an existential crisis. This tool was a lifesaver! It not only helped me perform several complex procedures in a snap but also dramatically reduced my coding errors. And that's just one of many!

Put Your Creative Hands in Essential Libraries and Frameworks

True to the old adage, why reinvent the wheel when you can improve it? Libraries and frameworks were designed for this sole purpose and they are even applauded as the backbone of efficient coding. They are pre-written codes that serve specific purposes, hence they allow programmers to not 'reinvent' but to simply 'reuse'.

I recall one of my proudest moments in my journey was when I developed a polling application using React for a hackathon. I was so engrossed in the project that I paid little mind to the passing of the days. On the day of the presentation, I felt an overwhelming mix of different emotions, but what struck me most was the realization that I was done. I had succeeded in building a functioning app in less time!

Substantial Practice and Deliberate Learning

And for the grand finale let’s just say this, nothing beats practice. However, not just any kind of practice - efficient practice! Deliberate learning, as it's often called, includes feedback, repetition and problem-solving. Taking these into your learning process will greatly impact on your ability to code faster.

The beautiful thing about programming is that it's 'hands-on,' therefore, the more you immerse yourself in it, the better you become. Set programming exercises for yourself frequently, commit to working at them, and don't shy away from challenging encounters. Trust me, they'll pay off greatly and you'll have a lot of fun while at it!

Programming faster isn't a skill you acquire overnight but trust me when I say the journey towards it can be just as rewarding. Invite these practices into your programming world and you’ll soon find that what once seemed a vast language of codes has become a familiar, dynamic, and interactive landscape you navigate with ease and swiftness. Let's revolutionize our coding abilities together, shall we?