Coding Skills: A Must for the Leaders of Tomorrow

Coding Skills: A Must for the Leaders of Tomorrow Aug, 8 2023

Unveiling the Significant Role of Coding Skills

Hey, Clara here! As a mum of two, Lewis and Greta, I often find myself pondering over the future. Today, I want to grab a few minutes of your time to talk about the enchanting world of coding and why I believe it’s a cardinal skill for our future leaders. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Clara, why would our leaders need to know about coding? They're not all going to be software developers!” Well, like how in the past, reading, writing and counting were core skills, today and increasingly more so in the future, coding adds to this list. In all simplicity, it helps shape the virtual world around us, every day!

Coding isn’t just about crafting lines of code. It’s about creating, problem-solving, and funnily enough, it's about making mistakes. Coding shapes minds into logical, analytical and innovative powerhouses, essential traits for the leaders of tomorrow. So, come on, let’s dive deep into this technological ocean and help our young merm-... I mean, coders, to navigate the waves!

The Power of Computational Thinking

When you start to code, you realise that it's not just about instructing a computer but about developing a computational mindset. This practice transforms you into an unconventional thinker, who can capture complex problems and decompose them into manageable chunks. Oh the joy when Lewis managed to bring his pixelated knight to life on the computer screen, just by breaking down each movement into simple commands! He wasn’t only programming, he was iterating, refining and debugging - life skills disguised as fun.

This form of thinking also develops resilience. Faced with bugs, kids start to understand that stumbling blocks aren’t failures but opportunities for improvement. Greta, for instance, found a wrong line in her code and instead of spiralling into frustration, she calmly clicked ‘undo’, reconstructed her commands and fixed the error. I mean, if a 9-year-old can comprehend the sophisticated concept of debugging in coding, I’m pretty sure she'll be able to apply it to tackle life’s big blunders as well.

Coding & Creativity – Best Friends Forever!

When we think about coding, we often picture a nerd, typing away in a dimly lit room. The truth is, it's deeply creative! It’s about painting vivid landscapes, composing melodies and narrating engaging stories. All, with the strong strokes of syntax and logic. Coding is the poetry of today and coders are the poets who bring life to this digital canvas. Remember when we would create our imaginary worlds with building blocks? Coding is just like that, but on steroids!

In essence, it’s immersive creation in an interactive environment. Lewis recently created a small game where a kangaroo went on an adventure. He drew the kangaroo, designed the terrains, and decided the rules of the game. He curated a world according to his imagination. What a better tool to bolster creativity, I ask you! And yeah, I, the self-proclaimed best mum, was the first to jump around in his virtual outback!

Connections Between Coding and Leadership

Now, bringing it back to our original topic - how does coding equip our future leaders? Leaders need to be visionary, adaptable and innovative. Coding, by its very nature, fosters these skills. It enables the conceptualisation and execution of ideas, encourages relentless questionings, and fuels continual learning. Plus, the experience kids gain while coding – teamwork during joint projects, attention to detail while ensuring command accuracy, and persistence while debugging – are all valuable leadership skills. Lay out the welcome mat for our mighty digital-age leaders!

Take it from a mum who’s seen her kids transform. My Greta, the introvert, took an interest in coding and not only did she participate in a coding competition, but she also led her team to victory. You can’t begin to imagine her triumph as she received her gold medal. Coding did that. It gave her the tools and confidence to lead.

The Soft Skills Coding Enriches

Lastly, let’s debunk a myth that coding only sharpens the logical, analytical or technical skills. It does, but it also affects the development of numerous soft skills. Collaboration, communication, resilience, and problem-solving are some of those skills that coding mellows out. The best part is, the kids have no clue they're shaping these skills. It’s all candy-coated in fun.

We need to perceive coding as more than just a means of landing a plush tech-job. It’s an artistic and innovative practice, a catalyst for change, and a powerful tool that empowers our kids to master crucial skills for their futures. All that pondering on future-proofing my kids led me to one realisation – coding isn't just an essential skill, it’s a fundamental one. So, let’s gear up and instil in our kids the art of coding. After all, these syntax wizards are going to be the leaders of tomorrow. And who knows, they may even create the next killer tech-startup, right in our very own backyard!