10 Proven Ways to Master Programming Faster

10 Proven Ways to Master Programming Faster Nov, 11 2023

Finding the Perfect Programming Language

Let's dive into the world of programming. It's a bit like diving headfirst into a giant, multicolored ball pit - exhilarating but, oh boy, there are a lot of balls. Now, these balls represent the plethora of programming languages available out there. But hang on a second, this doesn't have to be an intimidating ordeal. I remember a couple of years ago when my son, Neville, and I found ourselves at a gigantic ball pit at a children's amusement park. Neville, ever the adventurous lad, plunged right in, but found a multitude of colors rather daunting. Analysing the situation, I suggested that he focus on only the blue balls. Surprisingly, this tactic worked, and he seemed to have a fun time. Ditto programming, folks! Start by pinning down a programming language that you want to master. It could be Python for its simplicity or JavaScript for its application in almost everything digital. Find your 'blue ball', so to speak.

Practice Makes Perfect

A rather cliche phrase, but it holds true when it comes to programming. An effective stratagem to master programming sooner is by repeating exercises. Trust me, repetition is not always for the feeble-minded, it is for the eager and the relentless as well. Let's switch to an experience from my own life. I'm teaching my daughter, Cora, how to ride a skateboard these days. Being a protective father, I made sure she was padded up to her eyeballs. The first few attempts were clumsy, as expected. But we didn't stop. Everyday, she gets on the skateboard, repeats the actions from the previous day, and guess what? She is getting better at it. So don't hesitate to repeat coding exercises. And let me reassure you, it's much less likely to scrape your knee coding than skateboarding.

Understanding the Basics

Getting to the core of programming means understanding what really makes it tick. Yes my friends, we are talking about understanding the basics. Remember building blocks? Yes, the same ones every kid ends up chewing and throwing around at one point or the other. Just like we can't build a properly standing tower without first working those blocks, the same rule applies in programming. You gotta friendly up with variables, loops, data types, and control structures first. You would be surprised how similar it is to making those good old block towers. Family game night at the Everharts is never a breezy affair, what with us competing to build the tallest tower or the longest train. It becomes all about who knows their basic units better. It's a simple yet fun metaphor to keep in mind as you venture into the coding world.

Active Coding Over Passive Learning

Okay, so this next step is where we all tend to trip. Passive learning versus active coding. Let me tell you, my friends, the true essence of programming unfolds only when you step into the active arena. It's like trying to learn swimming by only reading how to do it. Ridiculous! The real learning happens when you dive into the water. Back to an example from the family. Once upon a time, under massive peer pressure, I signed up for an online cooking class. Now, I could've just watched those tutorials all day, mesmerized by the ease with which that master chef chopped onions. But instead, I decided to work alongside the videos, and I can't even begin to tell you how different both experiences were. I mean, just so you know, chopping onions while crying and trying not to cut your fingers off is a very involved experience. Coding's the same folks; you can watch all the lectures and read all the books, but you got to get your hands dirty to really learn.

Seeking Help When Stuck

Finally, this one's gotta be the best advice I can offer you today. Whenever you're stuck, reach out to others. There's a massive programming community out there, always ready to help. I'm lucky to live in a neighborhood where people are always ready to aid you in your time of need, like when there's a super heavy wardrobe that needs moving (trust me, that happened last Sunday). In the programming world, these helpful neighbors are available on platforms like Stack overflow or GitHub. Implementing this "ask, don't yank (your hair out)" policy can help you climb up the coding ladder at a faster speed.

And so there you have it! Five solid strategies to help you master programming faster. Remember, it's not about the speed, it's about enjoying the journey one code line at a time. Now if you'll excuse me, there's a tiny skateboard enthusiast at my door asking for her daily lesson. Happy coding, folks!